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As we get closer to Tribe 3, this Tribe is now archived and closed to further posts. Everybody in this tribe has read-only membership and is no longer able to post. Requests for membership will not be accepted.

A new Ideas tribe will be created after the upgrade.
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Remove the term "Pastafarian" as an "official" religious option in profiles.
09/19/10 Unsubsc... 173 replies
tired of trolls / stalkers
09/16/10 Siz'L 16 replies
malware message
09/16/10 eric 12 replies
Finding active tribes
09/10/10 Geo 8 replies
Tired of being bumped out
08/13/10 Rocky 7 replies
any employees here at
08/10/10 robin 8 replies
Impersonating other members to slander their name?
06/04/10 Djinn 28 replies
This is impossible, but I would love if there were a way to
06/04/10 Unsubsc... 8 replies
Constantly bumped out
06/04/10 Rocky 5 replies

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